Chiasa around the world

With more than 20 branches around the world, Chiasa provides the customer with effective distribution channels, like the comercial platform Shoe Solutions for the shoe market and Emax for the label material sector. Globalism is a key fact that makes Chiasa an outstanding company in its sectors, compelling to have a continuous and strict control over the production process.

  • Emax

    Emax is the company that manufactures and distributes label material around the globe. It emerges from the union between Chiasa and MultistiQ, experts in the coating process in a wide range of materials since 1970.

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  • Shoe Solutions

    Shoe Solutions is the group of commercial platforms for the footwear industry, so Cristal Reinforcement tapes. Apart from Cristal Tapes, the group distributes two more brands, which are Kreband and Trencilo, who manufacture zippers and braided threads, respecively.

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