Human answers for industrial products

Chiasa is a family business with more than 30 years of experience. Leader in the textile industry and an expert of coating process, Chiasa manufacture reinforcing tapes and label material in the footwear and garment industries, it excels in 1987 spreading widely its reach. Throughout the years Chiasa has also developed into other markets such as self adhesives and thermoplastic adhesives.
Its imprint of identification, which marks a difference with other companies, is the double funcion of providing the technical part of the industrial process and manufacturing , besides the worldwide distribution and logistics.


What we do

Chiasa manufactures and distributes reinforcement tapes for footwear and leather industries, as well as label material for textile and industrial sectors. Worldwide companies use Chiasa’s manufactured articles to increase the quality of their final products. Chiasa’s daily activity is focused on satisfying the needs of customers, who are now more selective in their quality requirements.

Our goal

With presence in many manufacturer countries such China, Mexico or Vietnam, Chiasa hankers to be a reference for its versatility in the distribution network,  facilitating the proximity that all costumers wish and require. In the areas where Chiasa works, it strives to have the capacity of answering a wide range of the market requirements.